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We love Parker! He took our "flat" web site, helped us decide on and purchase a new domain name, and created a dynamic new identity for us as we celebrated our 30th anniversary as an organization this year. He has taught us the value of search engine optimization (SEO), enhanced the interactive features of our site, and helped us identify what we can do for ourselves and what is more appropriate for him to handle. We can't be more pleased with his work for us:

Vicki Hancock

2014-15 President NOPA

Parker is a talented marketing executive and designer. He's someone that needs to be recognized for the true value his work brings to the client. He's well versed on diverse subjects, has traveled the world, and his many life experiences have brought a unique and successful perspective to his work. He has an exceptional eye for not only design but for art, architecture and the outdoors. Parker is dedicated to helping others whether it's for a business or personal. One of his many gifts is his generosity to help anyone that needs it. I recommend Parker for any design or marketing project. You won't be disappointed!

Nancy Schwartz 

Destination Service Coordinator at Cultural Awareness International

Parker Wallman epitomizes the phrase 'grace under pressure'. While I was producing a live, daily radio three hour newsmagazine with guests and correspondents from around the world, all participating 'live', Parker used his personal skills to 'keep it all happening', soothe nervous guests and trouble-shoot the problems that inevitably go with live broadcasts with minimum resources. 

I can safely say that shepherding guests and correspondents through a three-hour daily program, five days a week, 'without missing a beat' is no minor feat, but Parker did all that and more...

Al Emid

News director- producer at emerging and frontier markets investing

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